Following G.

The paintings from the FOLLOWING G. were based on postings of one person's Facebook profile. After meeting G. once in a bar and recognizing her from a painting by a friend, I asked if I could paint her from Facebook. I wanted to see how well I could know someone from painting the images that they presented of themselves. I found myself becoming devoted to her the way one is to a media persona, but this was only a presented idea of her persona. Though I can know the moles on her thigh intimately, I cannot know her character. Although I have a witness to her agreeing to my action, G. and two of her friends threatened legal action against me for copyright infringement of their Facebook images. One was a professional photographer who settled out of court.

These events happened shortly after the court verdict against Luc Tuymans. Tuymans had been painting from newspaper images for 30 years but lost a courtcase for copyright infringement in 2015.

As a response to all this I painted blindfolded and gagged over paintings whose images were appropriated, I call these Performative actions,  Legalizing Painting Action